...is so much more than a place for storing a car or extra boxes. It's where we tinker on our passions. Where seemingly ridiculous ideas move from improbable to inevitable. It's a social place, where we're most likely to bump into our neighbors. And it's where companies like Apple and Google all started.


    This is why I started Garage Partners: to work with teams who are looking to do something extraordinary by getting into their garage zone.


    Less Design Thinking, more Design Doing.


    Learn more about the founder of Garage Partners.


    Here is what Garage Partners works on:


    Innovation consulting

    75 days a year I work with teams that want to boldly innovate. Most of those days are spoken for, but reach out if you have an epic project you want to collaborate on. I may be able to fit you in!


    Launching products

    Another 75 days a year are dedicated to building extraordinary products. I'm currently working on PEAK, a gorgeous little piece of hardware for the home. And here's a little experiment I helped my kids launch :).


    Speaking and writing

    The final 75 days are dedicated to speaking engagements and writing (here's my headshot/bio). My first book, The Adventures of Google's Wildest Designer, will be out shortly.


    Thoughts, musings and ruminations from the Garage.

    October 20, 2016
    It’s scary starting your own company, especially when you’re in your 40s, are the sole breadwinner for the family, and your three kids are nearing college age. When I decided to leave an executive role at Capital One 6 months ago to start my own innovation consultancy, I had to process that fear...
    Instead of sleeping next to my beautiful wife in our cozy bed, I am curled up on a short couch, my long legs awkwardly dangling over the edge. In the afternoon, after a frenzy of outreach, press, sharing, and thanking, I sneak back to the couch for a much-needed power nap. I’m out of my element...
    This was the advice Tom Kelley gave to the audience of a design conference I was attending and speaking over a decade ago. Tom was sort of an idol to me, having been part of the founding team at IDEO: the most admired innovation and design consultancy in the world. But honestly his advice sounded...
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